The Zorro
The Zorro
The Zorro

The Zorro

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Made from all-natural Black Onyx Gemstone. Hand selected and crafted by our Gemologists. The pure black gem with a matte finish seems to consume the light around it. The clean, elegant design gives a cunningly subtle element of class to any look.
• All-natural gemstone.
• 8mm size gems.
• Handcrafted.
• Backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.
• Authenticity paperwork included.
• Individually numbered.
• Includes free gift with purchase.
• Box included.
• Free two-day shipping.

Zorro (aka Don Diego de la Vega): fictional masked vigilantly of radio, literature, film, and TV. Serves as inspiration for this sleek and cunning design. His all Black outfit complete with mask, hat, and cape. Is punctuated with the glint of his rapier which he uses to carve the letter "Z" as a sign that the innocent population is under his protection. The black design with the intentional addition of small glint of gold or silver pairs perfectly with the world first masked defender Zorro.


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