Lifetime Warranty.

Warranty, guarantee, and limitations. 

We hope to provide you with the best service possible. In that spirit, we have provided you with a "no fine print" explanation of our warranties, guarantees and any limitations to them. Please take a moment to look them over. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them anytime.

Life Time Warranty

Each piece of Noble Jewelry is backed by our lifetime replacement Warranty. What that means is; for the rest of your life you can have any broken and unwearable jewelry replaced or fixed to meet your satisfaction as many times as you like.

 How it works. Contact us by email at or direct messenger using icon In the bottom corner. Send us a picture of the broken item and our jeweler will speak with you directly on who you would like it replaced. Send it back to us, and we will fix it up with as many of the original gems as possible or if you would prefer we can build you an entirely new piece.

1. The warranty can only be honored if we are currently in business. In the event of a closure, we will not be honoring any warranties. Rest assured we intend to stay in business as long as possible.
2. If for any reason we no longer carry the gemstone or product that is warranted, we will provide you with a replacement in any stone or design of your choosing in a one for one exchange.
3. Boxes, extra, and other non-crafted jewelry products are not included in the replacement warranty just the jewelry we make itself.
4. As much of the item as possible must be returned and received by us to redeem the warranty. Lost or stolen items will not be eligible to receive a replacement.

Satisfaction Guarantee:
Every piece comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you would like to return the item. Contact us via email or messenger, and we will be happy to you assist you. The agent will look up your transaction if it is within the 30-day window you will be all set to send the item back to us. Once we receive the item, your refund will be issued for processing by your financial institution as quickly as possible. Please include your name, proof of purchase, or any information you have with the returned item.

1. The item must be returned in its entirety. If broken every piece if the article must be returned. That includes the packaging.
2. You will be responsible for the cost of shipping to return the item.
3. Some proof of purchase must be located or provided to receive a refund.



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