The Zheng He
The Zheng He

The Zheng He

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Made from all-natural Jade Gemstone. Hand selected and crafted by our Gemologists. Jade has a spiritual reverence the world over but nowhere more so than in China. Jade has a smooth surface and a natural cooling effect. The traditional green coloration spans the entire spectrum, with marble-like sediments makes each gem unique. This impactful piece is sure to give interest to any style for any occasion.
• All-natural gemstone. 
• 10mm size gems.
• Handcrafted.
• Backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.
• Authenticity paperwork included.
• Individually numbered.
• Includes free gift with purchase.
• Box included.
• Free two-day shipping.

Zheng He: admiral of the imperial fleet of China. Serves as inspiration for this piece. Zheng He's voyages brought him and his goods to Africa, the Arabian peninsula, the subcontinent of India, its surrounding islands, Indonesia, south-east Asia, and the entire east coast of China. Spreading the influence of Chinese trade and culture further than ever before. His courage brought Jade and hundreds of other goods and idea to the rest of the world. The western world has Zheng He to thank for this beautiful stone.



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