The Tutankhamun
The Tutankhamun
The Tutankhamun
The Tutankhamun

The Tutankhamun

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Made from all-natural Lapas Lazuli Gemstone. Hand selected and crafted by our Gemologists. This genuinely unique gemstone features a deep blue color with flashes of gold and velvety feel. Enhanced with 24 karat gold or silver accents. Ideal for making an instant and memorable impact for any occasion.
• All-natural gemstone.
• 24 karat gold or silver platted additions.
• 10mm size gems.
• Handcrafted.
• Backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.
• Authenticity paperwork included.
• Individually numbered.
• Includes free gift with purchase.
• Box included.
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 Tutankhamen: Pharoh of Egypt of the 18th dynasty Serves as inspiration for this piece. He inherited the throne at just nine years old and died before the age of twenty. His tomb that contained all his earthly belongs including his famous solid gold death mask and sarcophagus was discovered in 1922. The Mask was set with hundreds of gemstones including blue lapis lazuli. Considered most prized of gems in its time for its vibrant blue color and connection to the gods.



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