The Sir Gawain
The Sir Gawain
The Sir Gawain

The Sir Gawain

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Made from all-natural Green Agate Gemstone. Hand selected and crafted by our Gemologists. these polished smooth gemstones have green, brown, and white sediments that are reminiscent of the idealistic forest setting. Perfect for those looking to add an organic touch to their look and hit the trail for a new quest.

• All-natural gemstone.
• 10mm size gems.
• Handcrafted.
• Backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.
• Authenticity paperwork included.
• Individually numbered.
• Includes free gift with purchase.
• Box included.
• Free two-day shipping.


Sir Gawain: Knight of the roundtable, and patron to the order of the Green Garter. When presented with an impossible choice between his life and his integrity. He chose to keep his word and present himself to the fearsome guardian of the forest The Green Knight. The fatal blow was spared because of his unwavering honor. Forever after the green sash symbolized a man of the highest caliber. The green, and white colors of the stone pair perfectly with that tradition.



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