The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger
The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger

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Made from all-natural Black Veined Jasper Gemstone. Hand selected and crafted by our Gemologists. The weighty dynamically patterned stones feature a smooth and cool feeling. Its subtle grayscale colors encompass the entire spectrum making each stone unique. Enhanced with genuine .925 sterling silver accents.
• All-natural gemstone.
• Genuine .925 sterling silver accents.
• 10mm size gems.
• Handcrafted.
• Backed by our lifetime replacement warranty.
• Authenticity paperwork included.
• Individually numbered.
• Includes free gift with purchase.
• Box included.
• Free two-day shipping.

The Lone Ranger: A fictional character of radio, literature, tv, and cinema. The lone survivor of a group of six Texas Rangers, grammarian, sharpshooter, and an all-around good guy. Has been an inspiration to American culture as well as for this design. His white hat and black mask inspired the use of the grayscale gems. The only one of our designs that can only be purchased with silver accents. To honor his noble steed "Silver" and his use of "accurate" silver bullets that makes it possible to aim to wound as painlessly as possible and bring the bad guys to justice.



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